I noticed a change within five (5) visits!

I had experienced a severe back spasm that caused me pain and a limited range of motion. I could barely walk or move around without pain, discomfort, or tightening in my back. I couldn’t do anything and I immediately thought I needed to call Dr. Ray and possibly start chiropractic care. I noticed a change within five (5) visits! I was in less pain and I was able to move around better. Now I am more aware of my neck, and back and how my back feels throughout the day. I recommend chiropractic care to anyone experiencing head, neck, or back issues that cause pain or discomfort. I do believe through the chiropractic process that anyone can learn about their body and how to alleviate the frustration of aches and pains. I plan to assess my body for continued maintenance so as not to experience the severe pain that came by ignoring the small signs.– Jennifer T.