Chiropractic for Cervicogenic Headaches

When suffering from excruciating, persistent headaches, a natural reaction is to look for relief from the pain. This leads many people to take medication to mask the pain, leaving the underlying cause unaddressed. People live for years with what they call normal headaches. At Espinosa Family Chiropractic, “Just a normal headache,” is not terminology that we are ready to accept. Regular headaches are not normal! But they can be treated effectively without the use of drugs, if their underlying cause is effectively identified. The neck is a common place of origin for headaches.

The neck is a sensitive structure: the cervical region is full of nerves that will refer pain to the brain if they are pressurized. Poor posture while staring at a computer screen for hours can cause the neck to fall out of alignment as effectively as a car accident. If the source of your headache pain is misalignment of the cervical vertebrae, chiropractic care is a very effective treatment. By restoring the neck to proper alignment through spinal adjustment, we relieve pressure on the nerves and restore a full range of motion.  We can help you institute stretches and exercises, both of which are effective tools in strengthening and rehabilitation. We offer counseling on posture and workplace ergonomics that will help maintain a healthy neck. 

Do you feel left out in the cold or lacking the knowledge to fight back against your headaches? At Espinosa Family Chiropractic, we are experts at identifying the roots of headache pain, and we want to share our expertise with you. You cannot enjoy an optimal quality of life while suffering from chronic headaches. Call our office in Sacramento at (916) 457-8825 or e-mail us at to schedule an appointment so we can solve your headache pain as soon as possible.