Back pain sacramento

Your Commute Represents a Choice For Your Back Pain

Back pain sacramento

How much of your life do you spend in transit?

The average resident of Sacramento spends 26 minutes commuting each direction and that number is growing each year.  When you break it down, the statistics can be dire for your spine. This “average commute,” represents 52 minutes of additional seated time per day. It is unlikely that your car seat was designed with your specific spine in mind, which means that your commuting ergonomics are less than perfect. If you notice additional back pain or discomfort during your daily drive, take a look at our tips for making the commute a bit easier on your spine. 

Ergonomic commuting in Sacramento

On your next commute, be a little more mindful. When you feel your head creeping forward, or you shoulders hunching inward, correct to a straighter position. Here are some other ways to make your daily commute less damaging: 

  • Support your lumbar with a rolled-up jacket or lumbar cushion
  • Use a seating pad either with or without a cutout depending on what is more comfortable. This will take pressure off the base of your spine. 
  • The seating pad will also help with maintaining a position in which your knees are level with or lower than your hips.
  • Always hold the wheel at 9 and 3 with shoulders relaxed 
  • Avoid leaning one direction or the other. 
  • Gently stretch your neck and shoulders at red lights
  • Always practice neutral seated posture

Ergonomic solutions for back pain in Sacramento

Commuting gives credence to the idea that every minute of every day matters for your spinal health. 52 minutes represents a significant opportunity to reinforce good or bad habits and pressures in relation to your back. This is just part of the solution to helping you live a more comfortable life with less spinal degeneration; if you want help creating multi-faceted, natural solutions that account for your back pain, give our office in Sacramento a call to schedule an appointment today.