Muscle Building

A wise body builder once said: muscles do not grow on trees. They do, however, grow from a commitment to healthy training habits, including a period of rest and recovery.  At Espinosa Family Chiropractic, we want to optimize your effort to grow stronger by providing support for the nervous system, a key piece of the muscle growing process.

The muscle building process begins with a signal from motor neuron to muscle, telling it to contract. Efficient muscle builders are those who can easily control muscle contraction; to this end, keeping the signaling pathways clear is a critical component of efficient muscle building. If subluxations impinge on the nerves that exit from the spine and communicate with muscles, the signal could be lost or jumbled, making each lift less impactful.  Chiropractic identifies and corrects subluxations, ensuring that the path from brain to muscle is crystal clear.

Another pitfall of weight lifting is the potential for overstraining muscles. By the very nature of weight lifting, muscles are exposed to strain which breaks up muscle fibers, leading the body into hypertrophy: the cellular process by which muscles repair and regrow stronger. When muscles are strained and not enough rest or nutrition is incorporated, they may suffer damage.

Often times, injury during muscle building occurs because shearing forces are applied to imbalanced muscles. At our office in Sacramento, we monitor the shifting mosaic of your back’s health, identifying and correcting muscular imbalances that could lead to potential injury.

There is a reason why many of the country’s top athletes include chiropractic as an indelible component of their athletic arsenal. To ensure you maximum muscle building potential, call our office at (916) 457-8825 to schedule an appointment today.

Dr. Raymond Espinosa, D.C.