water therapy for back pain sacramento

Water Therapy: A Godsend for Back Pain Sufferers

water therapy for back pain sacramento

Why is water-based therapy so good for the spine 

Let us give you a bucketful of reasons. Begin with the suspension of gravity: as soon as you enter the pool, the majority of downward force on the spine is negated. The majority of water therapy routines are performed in warm-water pools designed to get your blood flowing (*make sure that exercising in warm water will not exacerbate other pre-existing health conditions*). The exercises involved are ultra-low impact, meaning that there is negligible wear and tear on the spinal joints compared to land-based exercises. Let’s look at more reasons why water therapy is so desirable for people with back pain. 

Water therapy for back pain 

  • Any exercise is made easier by the buoyancy factor of water. Because your body’s weight is not being forced downward by gravity, you are more easily able to lift your arms and legs to perform a variety of exercises.  
  • That being said, the water provides a natural resistance that actually tones and builds muscle effectively as you work out.
  • Warm water improves circulation and promotes relaxation, allowing your muscles to recover and repair more effectively.

For people with severe back pain, we often recommend starting a program of water-based therapy before moving onto land. Starting in the water provides a safety net in which you can exercise with the assistance of buoyancy without the risk of falling and injuring yourself. In this way, you can build confidence in motion and improve balance while contributing to the maintenance of your spinal health. 

We are big fans of water therapy

That being said, you are still advised to speak with a spinal health care specialist before starting any new exercise regime. Come visit us at our office in Sacramento, where we can perform a full diagnostic spinal examination that will help determine whether you may benefit from water therapy. We can then advise you on where to go to get a customized water therapy care plan for your spine.