The Best Exercise Your Back Isn’t Getting

Bridge pose for back pain in Sacramento

Bridge pose for back pain in Sacramento

Are you a person who sits in a chair for most of the working day?

Here’s what sitting all day, every day is doing to your back, from a chiropractor’s perspective: 

  • Intervertebral discs: sitting, especially with poor posture, puts more pressure on your spine than any other position. Sitting prevents oxygen and nutrients from replenishing your intervertebral discs and causes them to lose flexibility. 
  • Muscles in the back: abdominals are less-used when sitting, causing them to weaken depending on how much you sit.
  • Hips: your hips tighten up in a sitting position, limiting their range of motion. Your glutes also weaken and hamstrings become tight, creating a pull on the base of the spine. 

“But, I have no alternative to sitting!” you say. Read on to find the perfect antidote to the damages of sitting

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